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our mission

millionsof children around the world do not have access to adequate equipment to play sports. Playing sports allows for children to lead healthy and active lives, gain confidence, teamwork skills, and character. However, many sports have become a "pay-to-play" situation. As a result, many children are deprived of this opportunity. At Replay It, our hope is to give every child the chance to play sports through donations of gently used equipment and sports gear, and we hope that you'll join us in changing lives around the world one piece of equipment at a time!

how  it  all  began

My brother Shaan and I have played sports for as long as we can remember. Anytime we would meet someone new, a common talking point was always sports. We were fortunate enough to be involved in multiple sports and proper equipment was always available. For both of us, sports taught us valuable lessons and helped us in many ways that every child deserves to benefit from. 

For 8 years, I played soccer. Every year I would get a new jersey, and I would often outgrow cleats, shinguards, and other equipment. Every year, a barely worn jersey was added to the closet pile, along with the cleats and other shoes I had outgrown. The same went for Shaan who played baseball, basketball, and soccer for years. Year after year, the pile of old 'keepsake' jerseys and outgrown equipment grew. This is not only the case for us, but many other families in America as 69% of girls and 75% of boys play youth sports. This means that there are lots of gently used pieces of sports equipment that could be reused. 

When we heard one of our family friends talking about children at a girl's sports academy he visited in Africa who didn't have the cleats, shin guards, and clothing necessary to play soccer, we were shocked. Just a simple neighborhood collection of used cleats and jerseys made a huge impact. It was from this that the idea of Replay It was born. 

We hope that no child is limited in his or her ability to benefit from sports participation. Together, we can "play, give and replay." Replay It!  

our goals


Provide sports equipment to children around the world so they have the opportunity to participate in sports.


Teach children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of sports participation.


Reuse equipment that would normally be thrown out to improve sustainability of our world.

Sports Practice

why sports.

1. Sports help children learn teamwork skills which, which is one of the most important skill sets used throughout life in both personal and academic settings.

2.  Playing sports helps children develop leadership skills, such as taking initiative, good communication and discipline. 


3. Sports are an effective and proven way for kids to develop social and communication skills


4. Sports are a fun activity for young kids to participate in, and they can pursue these sports in the future

5. Sports allow children to exercise and lead healthy, active lifestyles

6. Children can make lasting friendships and relationships with the people they interact and play with 

7. Sports teach children so many lessons outside of playing the sport, especially in the lifestyle aspect. Kids learn to care for their bodies and maintain their personal and emotional well-being on and off of the field.

8. Studies show that sports can positively affect and help a child's academic life, and sports are proven to reduce anxiety among children.

9. Sports challenge children to work hard, and push them to be the best version of themselves which grows their mental strength and resiliency.

10. Playing sports makes children stronger mentally and physically.

read more abouT the benefits of sports at our blog here!

Sports Practice
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